Day 62: 37.8 | 1695.8

Slept in until 5:45, warm night and warm morning. Got to Lookout Spring about a mile in and it was a very slow source, took over five minutes a liter so we all got held up there. 

Had a ton of elevation gain today, these last hundred miles or so were pretty tough. At 6PM I arrived in Oregon for the first time in my life. I still remember leaving from Campo like it was yesterday. Only two more states to go. 
Ended the day at 8:30, kind of chilly out with some good winds, hope I don’t freeze. Only about 19 miles to Callahans where I plan to hitch into Ashland. I’ve been thinking about this zero day since Sierra City, over 500 miles back. I might wake up earlier to get there sooner but the cold might keep me in my bag.
I got a bad raw spot on my left foot today. Not sure how it happened but it hurts every time it touches anything. I guess it’s good timing with my zero coming up
I can’t wait to get a new sleeping pad, the past couple nights I had to wake up and blow it up again. I heard the outfitter in Ashland might exchange it for free, that would be amazing if true. If not I’ll probably get a regular roll out pad that most people have. 


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