Day 63: 19.4 | 1715.2

Woke up at 4:30 and got moving a little before 5. Had to hike the first 30 minutes or so with my headlamp. 

At around 9:30 I met Lint, I heard about him when I was at Tom Levardi’s place on the AT. He’s one of only a few people to triple triple (hike the AT, PCT and CDT three times each). I used his website as research for gear and trail and I also followed him on IG so it was kind of crazy that I ran into him. He was just doing some trail maintenance and going for a run. We shot the shit for a while before he gave me his number and said he’ll give me a ride once I got to Callahans. 
I got there by 11:45, made good time, ran the last 2 miles. Met up with Lint and his giant white van, turns out he slack packed Rafiki, 2% and Pillow Talk who were behind. These were the same guys I met a few days ago, all cool dudes. We waited for them and headed into town. So glad I didn’t have to hitch
We went straight to an Indian buffet and gorged on food. From there we went to the outfitter where I bought a Thermarest Z Lite pad to replace my deflating NeoAir. It won’t be as comfortable but it’s lighter and I’ll save time morning and night. I cut off three panels of it to make it shorter and lighter. It only cost $29 because they had a hiker discount. 
I got a room at the Rodeway Inn, $75 a night. The room was surprisingly nice and clean. I went to the Supercuts to try and get my head shaved. It was an hour wait and would have cost $14.99. I went to the Rite Aid and found clippers for the same price so I bought those instead along with a pack of mint Oreos, Monster energy drink, pint of B&J and some shower products. 
Went back to the room and devoured the ice cream and then shaved my head almost bald. Drank the Monster and headed next door to do laundry. They had real detergent at the Rite Aid for less than $2 so I bought that and dumped half the bottle in for my clothes. I used the leftover detergent and washed my long johns back in the room. I always wear them when I wash everything else so they never get cleaned
Spent the rest of the day watching TV and using wifi. Went to Subway for dinner, took another shower and relaxed on the bed eating mint Oreos. I’m going to enjoy my time here


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