Day 64: 0 | 1715.2

Today was my first and probably only day where I woke up in bed and knew I won’t be hiking any miles, it was a great feeling. Woke up at 8:30 and got some breakfast at a cafe next to the motel. From there I went to the Shop ‘n Kart to resupply. They had by far the best selection or protein/energy bars I’ve ever seen. I bought 115 bars among other things for four resupplies, cost about $300. 

On a side note, thru hiking makes you realize how fucked up this country is. When I’m on trail I have no connection to the outside world so whenever I go into town I find out something stupid has happened in the US again. First it was the shootings in Orlando, then the killings of two black people by officers, then riots all over the country, then the Dallas shootings and now I’ve been watching the news all day following another shooting in Louisiana. 
At around 4 I went to Rite Aid and bought some more junk food, another pint of B&J, BBQ Fritos, dried mangos and another Monster. On my way out I saw a bag of Epsom salt for only four bucks so I grabbed one. I got back to the room and took out the liners in two trash cans and put some warm water in there along with the salt. Put my feet in there, ate the ice cream and watched more TV. Went back to the cafe at 7:30 and got a burger and fries. Kind of wish this zero day would never end. Time goes by fast when you’re not hiking. 
The post office opens at 9AM tomorrow so I guess I can sleep in a bit. Not sure how I’m getting back on the trail tomorrow, seems like it might be a tough hitch around here. Lint is shuttling the other hikers out early tomorrow but I can’t do that since I need to send some boxes, sucks getting into town on a Saturday and zeroing Sunday but that’s how it worked out. I didn’t really want to head out early anyways, I like to milk out my rest for as long as possible, especially since I probably won’t zero for the rest of the trail. 


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