Day 65: 0 | 1715.2

Woke up at 8 and headed over to the cafe for breakfast. It was there that I convinced myself to take another zero. Just did not feel like hiking. I figured I was still ahead of schedule since I skipped my resupply package at Drakesbad and Ashland is the last big town on the trail. And if I stayed another night Sonic would catch up to me and Lint would be able to give me a lift back to trail in the morning which would eliminate hitching or a cab. Unless I get some kind of serious injury I’m definitely not taking another zero the rest of the trail. 

Anyways, went to the post office to send stuff home and shipped out three boxes up the trail. From there I bought and ate another pint of B&J. I’ve found that the “Phish Food” one is my favorite. I first had it at Kennedy Meadows and got it anywhere it was sold afterwards. I recommend it if you like B&J. 
Back in the room I just watched TV and took a little nap. Normally, I have hiker chores to do but since this is my second zero I can just chill out. Sonic got into town around 3:45. Haven’t seen her since Sierra City which was around mile 1,195. We went to a Chinese restaurant around 8PM. I didn’t feel that hungry but I still destroyed my combo plate and bought more ice cream on the way back. 
Took another shower when I got back to the room and just watched TV the rest of the night


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