Day 66: 34.7 | 1749.9

Got up at 6:30 and went to the cafe again for my third and final breakfast there. Back in the room I showered for the final time, I think it was my seventh. Lint picked me up at 7:40ish and I was back on trail at 8AM. I’ll pretty much get to do a full day of hiking which is nice. I felt really refreshed after two and a half days off, won’t last long though.

The trail was incredibly easy to walk. I hope the rest of the way is like this. I’ll probably have too much food for all of Oregon since I’m doing boxes. Guess that means I can eat more. Did not expect to do almost 35 miles today, if I hiked a full day it would have been 40+.
Found a good camp spot at 8:15. I’m going to go back to hiking normal hours, I really pushed it the last few hundred going into Ashland. I normally like to get moving no later than 6AM and take the first good camp spot after 8PM. 
I kind of miss Ashland, I was there for so long. Not gonna lie, I kind of can’t wait to be done with the trail. Should only take about another month. Hoping to cruise through Oregon. 
Probably won’t be able to sleep tonight since I’ve stayed up until midnight the past three nights


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