Day 67: 37 | 1786.9

Got moving by six. Slept okay last night. The ZLite mat definitely isn’t as comfortable as the NeoAir, I hope I get used to it. 

Terrain was pretty easy today, pretty much zero elevation gain. Had some annoying rocks to deal with though. Took a long break from 1:30 to 2:15. After that is where the day started to go downhill. 
The mosquitos started to come out around 3. Not bad at first. But from around 5:30 and on it was ridiculous. You won’t truly know what I’m talking about unless you were here. My entire upper body and head are swollen. I hiked the last hour and a half with my rain jacket on. I actually called it a somewhat early day a few minutes before 8PM because I just couldn’t take it anymore. 
Setting up camp and eating was intense. As soon as you stop moving over a hundred mosquitos would swarm you. It was ridiculous. It reminded me of the AT in Maine. I had to walk back and forth just to eat. I wanted to take a picture to show you but I just wanted to get in my tent. 
I don’t know how but there were dozens of mosquitos in my tent when I got in. I didn’t leave it open and there are no holes. I spent ten minutes clapping them to death, blood got everywhere. Just typing this right now the buzzing of them flying around my tent is almost deafening, not kidding. Really hoping it’s not like this ever again. 


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