Day 68: 32.3 | 1819.2

Got moving a little before six. Mosquitos weren’t as bad as the night before but they were out. To make matters worse I really had to shit. After about an hour I got above tree line where there were no bugs. I immediately hopped off trail and took care of business. If anyone saw what came out of me they would have mistaken it for bear shit. 

Anyways, I hauled ass 32.3 miles and got to the side trail by 5:25, made great time. Side trail took about twenty and I was at the store. It was much better stocked than what I was told so I regret sending a package there. I had too much food so I gave some away to hikers that needed some. They saved money, I saved weight. I still have extra though. 
I of course start pigging out on soda, chips, ice cream and had some canned spaghetti for dinner. They had a microwave so might as well try something different. There was a restaurant but I heard bad things about it. I charged my phone, brushed my teeth and back flushed my Sawyer while I was there. I ended up melting my PB jar in the microwave, I thought it would be fine. Kinda pissed me off to be honest. I had to buy an $8 jar of Folgers coffee and dump out all the coffee to just use the jar to eat. 
I also found out you can’t camp in the Crater Lake NP or risk a $500 fine. Kind of ruined my plan to get back to the trail. I decide to just camp at Mazama. I’m doing the rim trail tomorrow where I’ll miss about 5 miles of the PCT so I guess doing an extra mile back to the trail in the morning won’t be bad. 


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