Day 69: 40.1 | 1859.3

Couldn’t sleep last night. Stomach was aching really bad for some reason. Fell asleep around 2AM and woke up at 5:30. There was a warm restroom so I definitely took advantage of that. Got back to the trail at 6:30 and about a mile or so in took the side trail to Crater Lake. Got to a cafe/store there but it didn’t open until 9AM. Oh well, saved me some money. 
Sonic and I started walking the Rim Trail at around 8:20 and the view was awesome. This is the best side trip off the PCT so far. I’ve seen so many pictures of Crater Lake so it was weird to finally see it for myself. Taking photos of it didn’t even do it justice. I wonder what it was like 7,700 years ago when that mountain collapsed on itself, must have been deafening. 
Anyways, I didn’t really do 40 miles today. The rim trail cuts off about 4-5 miles of the PCT. Well worth it though. Got to camp at exactly 8PM, I was thinking about pushing more but whatever. These mosquitos are driving me nuts though. Swarms and swarms. I really hope this doesn’t keep up or I’m going to lose my mind. 


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