Day 70: 42.7 | 1902

I. Fucking. Hate. Mosquitos. 

From 2PM until I stopped around 8:40 I was devoured by mosquitos. At 3PM I put on my rain jacket and wore it the rest of the day. It made me sweat like a hog but it was worth it. Around 6 I got to some water finally. When I left my head felt like I got out of a boxing match against Mike Tyson. 
I didn’t even bother to eat dinner. I just set up my tent and hopped in. And it doesn’t matter how fast you go in because at least a dozen mosquitos will find their way in with you. I spend about 15 minutes killing them. There’s also blood all over my pants. Whenever I kill one that has blood in it I always wipe it on my pants. 
Being from Maine I’ve seen some really bad bugs but I have to admit that Oregon has been way worse. It’s driving me nuts. 


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