Day 73: 34.3 | 2011.6

Got moving at 6 and went straight to Big Lake Youth Camp to pick up my box. Had to go through some annoying volcanic rocks that killed my feet. Made it there by 11:30 and they were very hiker friendly. I also had my final pair of shoes sent there. They should last me the final 650 miles. 

I immediately jumped in the shower and did laundry. Had mosquito guts all over me along with the blood. Gross. Felt amazing to be clean. They had lunch at 1PM so I got on that as well. Had a sandwich with chips, brownies and carrots. Felt good to eat something heathy, kind of. The great thing is that they do all this for only a donation, pretty incredible since most places would charge for shower, laundry, food and packages. 
Got back on trail at 3PM. I hiked until 5 when I stopped to take a piss. Took out my phone to see where I was and I was exactly at mile 2000, what are the odds? I was surprised there wasn’t a marking on the ground. I remember hitting 1000 like it was yesterday. It was the day I went into North KM. 
I ended up pushing until 9PM. I’m going to try and get Oregon over with ASAP. 


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