Day 74: 40.5 | 2052.1

Pretty normal day of hiking for the first half. Finally had to do a real climb in Oregon, the first and only. At 5PM I hit a wall. Just felt insanely tired and could probably fall asleep standing up
I decided to hike until 6 and find a break spot. At 5:58 I came up on a dirt road, perfect timing, but it got better. Turns out there was a little store called the Olallie Lake Store only .1 away. I knew this store was here but I wasn’t planning on going there. There was another sign that said there would be a PCT hiker dinner from 6:30 to 7:30. This was too perfect to pass up. So even though I had nine more miles I decided to get some caffeine, sugar and free food in me
The general store there ended up being very well stocked. I could have done a solid resupply. I grabbed a can of Mtn Dew and some other snacks and head over to the dinner. It was these trail angels that said they only do this one week out of the year, lucky me. They had taco salads do I devoured a couple of those. I could feel the energy coming back. 
I end up leaving at 7:30 and made it into camp by a little before 10:30, late day but worth it. 


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