Day 75: 42.3 | 2094.4

Slept in for about 15 minutes after the late night. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it all the way to Timberline until I met a SOBO who said their breakfast buffet was incredible, I already knew it was good but that gave me the motivation to get there. 

It was a really hot day but I spent most of it in the shade, thank god. At 3PM I crossed a stream and saw the perfect chance to soak my feet so I did just that. The cold water felt awesome. Also took the time to rinse off my legs. I still had 18.5 miles to go so I didn’t stay long. 
The last mile or so was miserable. It was soft beach sand that pretty much slower me down to a mile an hour. This was at 9:30 at night so I was pissed. I end up getting to Timberline at exactly 10 and decide to just cowboy camp because it’s late. I saw a bunch of tents around so I didn’t want to make too much noise. 
I heard Timberline opens at 6AM but their buffet doesn’t start until 7:30. I’ll try and do at least 30 tomorrow. 
These bugs are already annoying me as I type this…


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