Day 76: 30.7 | 2125.1

Could not sleep last night. My body was so tired but my mind was like it was on caffeine. It was kind of loud by the lodge and hikers came by a few times past midnight. I still woke up at 5:30 and got to the lodge a little before six. I immediately go to the bathroom and then plug my phone in. The buffet didn’t open until 7:30 so I used the free wifi which was awesome.

At 7 I went to go pick up my box. Only 1.5 days of food in there but I already have too much left over. Oh well, only about 45 miles until Cascade Locks where I’ll spend less money because of this. 
The breakfast buffet was incredible. Definitely worth the wait. It was only $15.95 and the food was made by legit chefs who knew what they were doing. They had a pancake topping station with an assortment of fruits, butter and chocolate chips so I had two plates of that. My giant coffee mug was constantly being refilled as well. I would love to go back there again
Got back on trail at 9:15 and felt great with a full stomach. I wanted to get to Eagle Creek Trail so I pretty much just walked the shoe day. At 5ish I really hit a wall and got tired. The past few days have all been long and I got no sleep last night. I started to get the raw spots on my feet again so I had to walk on my tiptoes for the second half of the day. 
Got to Eagle Creek Trail at 8:40 and there were a lot of people camped there. I filed up water and started walking. Turns out this trail goes straight downhill so I couldn’t find a tent spot, just my luck. Ended up finding one around 9. 
I’m planning on spending the night in town tomorrow. My feet definitely need some rest. 


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