Day 77: 15 | 2144.1

Got moving at six and all I had to do was the Eagle Creek Trail. I believe this is the only day where I hiked and zero miles of it was the PCT. I’m estimating the 15 miles since the ECT is four miles shorter than the PCT. The tunnel falls (which ECT is known for) was awesome. It was sweet to see it for myself after seeing it so many times on the Internet. 

Got to Cascade Locks at 11. I think this is the final trail town. It also happens to be very expensive. All the lodging was 100+. I contemplated just getting back on the trail but I bit the bullet and stayed in town. It cost $139 to stay at the Bridge of the Gods Motel. I pulled big days so didn’t even expect to be in Washington before August so I don’t feel guilty. I also plan to sell some of my belongings when I get home so I’ll make my money back.
Sonics family came to see her so I got to meet them. Nice people, they drove almost five hours to get to Cascade Locks. They took me out to lunch and dinner which was awesome. They also brought a ton of food and drinks, even laundry detergent
I bought some Epsom salt and took another foot bath like I did in Ashland. I’ll probably do that every day when I get home. Even though I’m tired I always stay up too late in town. It’s past midnight now so I think I should get some sleep. 


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