Day 78: 25.8 | 2169.9

Fell asleep a little after midnight. The bed was very soft, some kind of memory foam I think. Check out was early at 10AM so I got up a little after 8 and went to go get some breakfast at Bridgeside. Had an omelet, hash browns and pancakes. Went back to the room and took another shower and packed up. 

I end up going back to Bridgeside with Sonic and her family, I didn’t eat anything though because I was full. After that we went to the grocery store. It seems like I have bad luck getting into town when the PO is closed so Sonics mom is helping me out by sending out a box to Stevens Pass so I don’t have to hitch anymore, this will save me a ton of time now. She even wanted to pay for my resupply food but that would have been too much. She wouldn’t even accept money for the shipment. Sonics family really hooked me up the past 24 hours. 
I walked over Bridge of the Gods and in doing so entered my third and final state, Washington. I remember getting into Oregon like it was yesterday. Sonic and I headed out a little after noon. We had a long ass climb right from the start. My pack was the heaviest it will be for the rest of the trip with five days of food and three liters of water. We were well rested so we went up the climb pretty quickly. We met a SOBO and talked to him for a while. We exchanged information on the trail, got some good Intel. This is the great thing about seeing SOBOs now is swapping information. 
We did one last climb that was about 5.5 miles and ended the day at 9PM. I only thought we had around 20 miles done so I was surprised to find out we almost did 26. That’s not bad leaving at noon and doing two long climbs. 


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