Day 79: 42.6 | 2212.5

Did not expect to do a forty today, pleasantly surprised to say the least. Had one big 8-9 mile climb in the morning but that was the hardest part of the day. Also didn’t take as many breaks as I normally do. The day went by kind of fast which was nice. This was probably the easiest forty I’ve done. My body actually felt good at the end of the day. No aches and pains. 

I only downside was that I was starving for most of the day. I’m usually not this hungry on trail. I ate a little more than I normally do before mid day so the second half of the day I had to limit myself. I tried not to look at my watch since I eat every two hours. 
Ended the day a little before 9 which was nice. Sonic was already setting up her tent when I got there. Turns out she forgot her stakes at the last camp site which really sucks. I’m always worried about losing my stakes. Hopefully, they sell stakes where we’re planning to resupplying. 
I ate four packets of oatmeal tonight. Lint told me in Ashland that they rehydrate extremely fast and he was right. I guess he would know after triple crowning three times. It’s a nice change up from eating mashed potatoes, wish I would have discovered this sooner.


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