Day 81: 38.3 | 2292.5

Slept in until 6:30, it felt great. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make the store before it closed so figured I might as well get some extra sleep. 

Today was the opposite of yesterday, sunny and warm, no clouds. It was perfect because today I hiked through one of the notoriously beautiful sections of Washington. A section that is completely exposed. I had some amazing views and got some sweet pictures. At one point I could see Mt Adams, Mt Helens and Mt Rainer in one spot. I also got to hike the Knifes Edge, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as the one after summiting Katahdin but still fun. 
Finished the day a little after 9PM. I went a little further to find a tent spot so I’ll have to hike back to the road tomorrow morning. Pretty loud here with the cars but I should be able to sleep. I got the weird raw spots on my foot again. I don’t know how this happens. Kind of glad the trail is almost over so I can nurse my feet.
The store doesn’t open until 8AM so I’m going to try and sleep in. 


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