Day 82: 30.8 | 2323.3

Slept in until 7AM which felt great. Got to the store before they opened at 8. Sonic was there with a section hiker. When they opened I of course pig out and also grabbed some coffee. I normally avoid caffeine because it dehydrates you but I don’t care anymore. I resupplied and bought more snacks for mid day than I usually do. That’s always when I starve so I want more, it’s worth the weight. Spent about $60 total at the store. 
Got back on the trail by 10 and I just wanted to hit at least 30, which I did. However, after about 3PM these damn raw spots or whatever they are on my feet started killing me again. My right heel didn’t even touch the ground for the last few hours. It was miserable. This of course really slowed me down. Just taking off my socks and putting on my long johns is extremely painful. I’m really hoping this goes away, terrible timing with me being so close to finished. I really don’t want to slow down but I might have to. 


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