Day 83: 39.2 | 2362.5

Got moving by by six and and my plan for the day was to let my feet air out a few times for the day. By nine a saw a few SOBOs on their phone, that only means one thing. I figured this was a good time to let my feet break while also updating my blog and catching up on all the social media bullshit. 

A man walked by me and said if I saw his dog to give him to a SOBO. Apparently, the dog ran off on him in the morning. A few hours later I ran into a SOBO walking with the dog. He said he was going to keep the dog because the owner abandoned him after less than an hour of searching. And apparently the owner was acting really weird to other hikers before I saw him. He told them to “shoot the dog” if they found him. I wonder if that SOBO kept the dog or returned him
I took a bunch of long breaks for the day to air out my fee in hopes that these weird raw spots go away. I was surprised a still managed to limp almost forty miles. I found a somewhat flat spot on an old unused road a little after 9PM so I stayed there


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