Day 84: 28.1 | 2390.6

Woke up a little earlier at 5:15. It was kind of cold out do I stepped off in my rain coat and gloves. I hate doing 20+ miles into town because all I’m thinking about is what I’m going to do there and time moves so much slower.

At nine I ran into an aid station at a road crossing. Apparently, there was a thirty mile training run that was happening on the PCT. The aid station ended up being my first trail magic of Washington. The people gave me a Pepsi, chips, candy, a banana and cookies. It was amazing and I was actually full. They told me they would be heading north on the trail so I would see them again. 
About an hour later the first runner passed me. This dude was hauling ass. He was probably running around a six minute mile, keep in mind this is on a trail with ups and downs. I found out later that this guy usually does 100 mile races in about 16-18 hours, that’s nuts. 
At 2:45 I ran into the same aid station again. This was the last stop for the runners so I could have all the leftovers, and there was a lot. I stayed there pigging out until 3:30. Made it to Snoqualmie Pass by 5:30. Got a room at the Summit Inn for around $90, they gave me two beds which was nice. It kind of sucks getting in late but whatever. 
Sonic was already at the hotel with her mom. She actually brought me loaner clothes which was awesome. I also got to use their soap and shampoo so that saved me some cash. I went over to the mini mart which was located right next to the hotel. They had everything a hiker could want. I bought a Monster energy drink, a pint of B&J ice cream, chocolate milk and some tortilla chips and cheese dip. 
Went to dinner with Sonic and her mom. Had a burger and potato wedges. Back in the room I dug into the chip and dip which I kind of regret buying because I was full. Spent the rest of the night watching tv and using wifi. I’m really hoping my feet heal up and hold up for the rest of the trail. 


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