Day 85: 21.5 | 2412.1

Slept great last night. I really can’t wait until I can do that every night and get some real rest. I got up around 8:15 and got breakfast with Sonic and her mom. My feet felt much better, I could actually put my heels on the ground. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to zero but I’m so close to the end I’m just gonna go. 

Check out was at 11 so I took another shower, packed up my stuff and watched some Olympic volleyball on TV until I had to leave. I always thought check out should be a full 24 hours after your check in. Got in kind of late last night so it kind of sucks to pay full price and have to leave so soon. 
I resupplied after my check out and got some food from a food truck that everyone recommended to me yesterday. Sonic and I got back to the trail around noon, this was much sooner than I planned but whatever. We had a long climb to start and of course it started to rain. The forecast for the next few days looks wet. There are few things I hate more than rain. 
I missed out on a lot of good views because of fog, bummer. But I’m glad I had the Goat Rocks and Knifes Edge on a clear day. I got a little lost towards the end of the day when I hopped on the wrong trail. Lost about 15 minutes. I ended the day early at around 8:15. The sky looked like it wanted to pour and the next camp spot was 5.2 miles straight up. I willing to bet that’s where Sonic went. My foot was also starting to act up and I had left town earlier than expected so I don’t feel bad about calling it an early day
It was nice to end the day with daylight left. I didn’t feel rushed like I normally do when I stop at 9PM or later. I remember when I considered 8PM late back in California. I even washed my socks since there was a stream right next to me. Now that’s one less thing I have to do tomorrow. 
I’m really hoping it doesn’t rain. Or at least not in the morning when I wake up. Packing up your stuff in the rain really sucks. I’ll wake up at 5:30 like I usually do and if I hear rain I’ll wait another 30 minutes and hope that it’ll stop. 
Only 50 miles to Stevens Pass


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