Day 87: 26.2 | 2474.3

Woke up at the usual 5:30 and said “fuck that” and went back to sleep. Woke up a 7:30 and got moving at 8. Sleeping in felt good. Did 13.5 miles to Stevens Pass and got there a little before 1PM. Picked up my box at the ski lodge that Sonics mom sent for me. Saved me a long hitch into Skykomish. 

The lodge was nice so I chilled out there for a while. They had some food there but it was pretty expensive, still pigged out though, I can’t help it. Had a panini sandwich, a burrito, coke, coffee and two small bags of Doritos. They also had very clean bathrooms so you know I took care of some business in there. Also took the time to air out my tent, shoes and socks. I left around 4 but not before grabbing some ice cream and using the bathroom again
Did about 13 more miles before I ended the day around 8:45. Of course it starts to rain when I set up my tent. It was just a heavy drizzle but any water from the sky is rain to me. I checked the forecast before leaving the pass and it said no rain, that’s just my luck. I even did what I never do, and that’s eat in my tent. I hope the animals don’t bother me because of it. 
I’m camping in a pretty open area so I hope the wind and rain don’t pick up. The weather report said its suppose to clear up starting tomorrow so I’m praying it’s right. I’m starting to forget what it’s like to hike in the sun. 


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