Day 88: 38.8 | 2513.1

Planned on getting up at 5 but it was raining so I got up at 6. The first four hours or so sucked. I was soaking wet from all the wet brush and it was still drizzling. The weather was suppose to clear up and it did around 11 but the clouds and fog remained. For a bit I actually saw some mountains and it looked amazing. Northern Washington is suppose to be one of the most beautiful sections of the PCT and I’m missing it because of the weather. 

I’m getting a decent sized hole in my left shoe. I wanted to stitch it up but haven’t seen any sewing kits in any stores. Hopefully I can find one in Stehekin. I want these shoes to last me all the way home. 
The last ninety minutes or so sucked. I got onto the wrong trail because that’s where markers told me to go. Lost about 10-15 minutes to that. Then the steep climb up to a camp site that was taken. It was 9PM by then so now I had to night hike. Thankfully, I found an alright flat spot next to a stream by 9:30 and stopped there. My tent is still soaked from the past couple nights so that sucks. It’s kinda misty out so it’ll probably be drenched again in the morning. 


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