Day 89: 36.2 | 2549.3

Ended up sleeping in again until six. The first half of the day was crappy. Just didn’t feel like hiking, took a lot of mini breaks. Not to mention some climbs to start off with including one that was almost like bush wacking so I got soaked
The positive is that I finally saw the sun and the blue sky again. I almost forgot what it was like. With that came the amazing views Washington had to offer. I took tons of pictures and videos. It really sucks that I missed out on over 100 miles worth of views because of weather
At 2PM I checked my mileage and was shocked that I only had 17.1 done. I usually have at least 20 by 2. I guess the late start along with feeling sluggish really slowed me down. I was lucky though, I had around a 13.5 mile section that was all downhill and then flat. I took advantage of it and speed walked and even jogged some. This led to be getting almost knocked unconscious by a tree that had fallen over onto the trail that was right at head height. I always tend to look at the ground so I ran head first into it. The next thing I know I’m on my back. Sat there for a few minutes, took some ibuprofen and kept going. 
The end of the day had me doing an 8 mile climb. I was really dreading it but it ended up being very well graded and very smooth. I kept a pretty good pace going up and ended the day exactly where I wanted to by 8:50. Ended up making great time. At mid day it was looking like I was going to have to hike until 10PM so I’m glad that didn’t happen
Only 20.1 miles to Stehekin tomorrow. It will be my final town stop so I’m definitely going to gorge on some food. I might end up staying the night there since I hear there’s a campground. We’ll see. 

Tried uploading more photos but the wifi is too slow


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