Day 90: 20.1 | 2569.4

Got moving by 6:15 and it was mostly all downhill. Had a few climbs that caught me off guard. I met two women who are attempting to break the unsupported record for a they hike of the PCT. I believe the current record is around 59 days so they have their work cut out for them. 

At around 10AM I got so hungry I ate five of my snacks which (in the past) would last me almost the entire day. I was too hungry. Time was also dragging on so I decided to pop in my headphones and listen to music while I hike for the first time ever. I have to admit, that made a huge difference the rest of the day. And to top it off I didn’t even lose 1% of battery life. 
I end up making good time to High Bridge by 1:10PM. Kinda sucks because if I woke up a little earlier I could have made the 12:30 shuttle into town. Instead I had to wait until 3PM. Can’t be too mad since my original plan was to take the 6:15PM shuttle so I’m still ahead of schedule. Took the extra time to get a good stretch in since I haven’t been doing that as much lately. Also tried patching up the holes in my shoes with Cuban fiber tape. Probably won’t work but whatever. 
The shuttle came at 3 and stopped at the bakery on the way into town. I bought their humongous cinnamon roll, chocolate milk, a cookie and some other pastry. It all tasted amazing. Got to “town” and Sonic was there. She took the 12:30 shuttle. I lucked out and made it five minutes before the PO closed to pick up my box. The Guthook app said 4:30 but they actually closed at 4. Went to the general store and reorganized my food bag. I’m bringing a ton of food for these final days. I also bought a Monster energy drink. Between that and the bakery I was probably already over 300g of sugar. 
Relaxed on the porch for a little while before going to shower/laundry. The shower was $1 for five minutes. The first two minutes were hot and the rest was ice cold. Reminded me of Sierra City. Got some dinner at the restaurant after, had some pasta. The wifi was off for some reason so that sucked. I was really hoping to be able to use the internet because there’s no cell service in Stehekin. Went up to the campground which was pretty far and all uphill. Pigged out on a big bag of chips then hopped in my tent. 


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