Day 93: 11 | 2650.1

Woke up for the last time on trail a little before 5:30 and started packing up my stuff for the final time. Took my final trail shit and started moving at 6:03. 
Had a small uphill climb but after that it was all downhill. Had a few blowdowns to hop over but I didn’t care, I was almost done. At 9:35 I reached the northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. My hike was finally over. 
Sonic got there before me and there were a couple other non thru hikers there. I had seen so many pictures and videos of the end so it was weird to be there in person. It didn’t even feel like the finish. It was much more anti climatic than the Appalachian Trail. I signed the trail register and chilled out there for a bit. A helicopter swooped over us. Thought it was border patrol but it was actually surveyors. 
We had about eight more miles to hike in order to get picked up by Sonics parents so we started moving into Canada at 10:30. Ran into Sonics parents a few miles before the road. Turns out they decided to hike up the trail. We walked back to the car and drove to the resort where we showered and got lunch before driving back to Sonics house which was around five hours away. Her family has really hooked me up on this trip. Now they’re letting me stay at their house and will drive me to the airport when I leave. Not only did they spend a lot of money on me, they also saved me a lot of money as well. 
Speaking of the airport. It was gonna cost me $500+ to fly home to Maine so I ended up buying a ticket to Boston which was half the price. 
We made it back to their house around 9PM. Time flies by when you’re not hiking. I got to take a real shower with real soap and shampoo which was amazing. Also slept on a nice comfy bed which was a nice change up from a 3/4 inch pad. 
This will probably be my final post for a little bit. I’m going to do an update on gear and maybe another post about the next couple days before I head home. 


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